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Horoscope is a construction of your birth chart which shows the exact location of planets in a pre-set format. Horoscopes cast on various different techniques: Chinese, Ancient Indian, Western, Greek, and Middle East… We generate your Horoscope based on your time and place of birth which shows the planetary position at the time of your birth.

I’m Srini Reddy, aged 45. I follow Ancient Indian methods in Horoscope Analysis. I have more than 20 years of experience in Horoscope Analysis and have analysed 1000s of horoscopes. I’m having specialization in Horoscope Analysis and giving remedial suggestions to solve a problem or to succeed in your plan. Most of us have some sort of problem in our life like Job, Business, Marriage, Property, Financial, Family, and Health etc. which can be solved. After you buy our services (Horoscope Analysis), I will send you an email asking you details like your nature of problem, and place & time of your birth (to generate Horoscope). 

Horoscope Analysis
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Yantra is a geometric design, yantras carry spiritual significance. Examples: Yantras, Mandalas, Star of David, five pointed star (Pentagon), Christian cross, Pyramids and so on. Certain powers are ascribed to various shapes, and every shape emits a very specific frequency and energy pattern. All ancient cultures had sacred geometric designs, Indians, Egyptians, Jews, Chinese, and Mayans, to combat malefic influences.

Yantra : $ 150



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